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First look at Yondu From Guardians of the Galaxy,Getting real exited.

First look at Yondu From Guardians of the Galaxy,
Getting real exited.

Don’t “like” everything.

This is more of a “rant” than a blog-post, and is something that I wanted to do in a while.
It is basiclally advicing people nok to like/share/comment en EVERY FUCKING THING they see on the internet..
First of all:
Most youtubers want to make it big in the world, and thats ok, they use Youtube as a stepping stone for the big/small screen. BUT, they get ad revenue for their youtube channel (if they are partnered) and that means they get money for every “hit”/view their video gets, and then the ask you to comment / rate / subscribe, They do this because everytime you comment it shows up on YOUR youtube channel, and your friends can see it, and will click on it (if they lack common sense, and let’s face it, most of us do) And this will get them more money.
They ask you to rate the video, because good puplicity will Get them higher on the Youtube totempole, and this will get their videoes more noticeable, and in this way get them more views = more money.
They ask you to subscribe, because they want to keep you “hooked” and click on their next video and the next and the next, because…. well ca$h, you see where this is going…
Now, Facebook:
Facebook is different, Facebook Has implemented “Hashtags” just like Google+, Twitter, Tumblr, and a whole lot more…And sometime you will notice an abundance of these hashtags, and these people (who use a multitude of hashtags) are commonly refered to as “attention whores” or “Like hunters” Even though these 2 are just as bad, they could not opposite each other more..Lets take a look at them shall we.
     Attention whores:
This fucking thing pisses me off, it’s basicly when people post a picture they made of something (they obviously made up) of a sick dog or or a person gone missing, and they post this to get “shares” and so the person who shared it’s friends will share it, and they get their jollies off by seing something they made come back to them, sometime or another.
     Like hunters:
These people post alot of shit like funny youtube cat videos or some picture with Darth Vader who has a doge face.. or some shit like it, JUST to see how many likes they can get, DISPICABLE!!!

Sometimes these posts wil be legit and I in reality soppurt people who really want to help. how to spot these I will post in a later time.

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the governor finally gets what he deserves!!!

the governor finally gets what he deserves!!!



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"I didn’t sleep with every woman I wanted but I did sleep with every woman that wanted me."
- David Lee Roth